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Young woman screaming releasing her anger on group therapy

Can You Force Someone into Rehab?

Explore the complexities of involuntary rehab for addiction, including legal, ethical, and emotional considerations, and discover alternative approaches to encourage voluntary treatment.

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teapot with ingredients for tea beverage recipe with lime and ginger helpful for colds.

The Myth of Detox Teas for Substance Detoxification 

Explore the truth behind detox teas for substance detoxification in our latest blog post. We debunk myths, highlight potential risks, and discuss healthier alternatives for natural body detoxification, emphasizing the importance of consulting healthcare professionals.

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pill bottle that has tipped over and is spilling pills onto a wooden floor

The Discontinuation of OC 80s: What Happened?

Explore the reasons behind the discontinuation of OC 80s, the original form of OxyContin, in our latest blog. Delve into the issues of opioid abuse, the pharmaceutical industry’s response, and the impact on public health, offering insights for those concerned about prescription drug use.

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